The Midnight is first and foremost a model that Johanna Touitou imagines for her. She sees in it the symbol of the independence and freedom that drive her.

During a road trip she meets a family of craftsmen who have been making Western Boots for 120 years. A know-how inherited from the Vaqueros of Mexico. Shiloh Heritage was born from this shared passion for authenticity and craftsmanship.

Together, for several months, they will shape a Western Boot faithful to its heritage which sublimates the feminine look and integrates modern comfort requirements.

Former studio director, Johanna also chooses to break with her habits of artistic productivity inherited from major Parisian fashion houses. She engages in a sustainable process of creation and production, to rediscover an attachment to the objects that surround her.

The materials, leathers from Veneto tannery that she particularly likes, are the link between the designer, the craftsman and the person who wears them. On the feet, the boots acquire their particular character and each pair becomes unique.

Spirituality, which holds a large place in his life, invites him to be present to himself at all times. Shiloh Heritage, evokes in Hebrew a haven of personal peace that radiates towards the collective.

True to her roots, Johanna Touitou now lives between East and West in Tel Aviv. A city that never sleeps, where midnight last forever.