The Designer

Born and raised in 1980s Paris, Johanna Touitou grew up surrounded by strong female figures. With her grandmother, a seamstress, she envisioned the first garments she would wear, even in the courtyard of her primary school.

Her relentless quest for inspiration led her to explore Parisian thrift stores, where every patch, button, sewing technique, and silhouette caught her eye. Later, it was at the French Institute of Fashion that she acquired the tools to fully express her creativity. Guided by her creative sincerity, Johanna pursued her career in search of significant artistic influences.

It was alongside Phoebe Philo, Sonia Rykiel, and Elie Saab that she shaped her vision of a fashion that she envisioned as both feminine and wild. Through her experiences and encounters, Johanna developed her artistic identity and in 2019 created Shiloh Heritage, embodying her passion for feminine elegance and audacious spirit.

Her journey reflects an unwavering determination to redefine the standards of fashion, while celebrating the individuality and creative strength of every woman.

The Vision

In my mind, fashion serves to enhance the character of women, and through our wardrobe, our unique essence is sketched. Shiloh Heritage aspires to reflect the intimate interiority of women through iconic fashion pieces.

I have always placed particular importance on shoes because they symbolize grounding in my life's journey. In today's world, we are pulled in all directions by society, and fashion must be its standard-bearer. The cowboy boot, an accessory I grew up with, signifies vast spaces, escape, strength, and courage. All qualities that characterize women of our time. With the Midnight boot, I transform a masculine icon into a symbol of elegance and femininity. From the shaft to the arch and the discreet heel, I have considered every detail with the sensation that each wearer will experience in mind.

A proponent of timeless renewal, rather than fleeting novelty, Midnight symbolizes that elusive moment when the realm of possibilities expands.

It was only natural that in designing this product, I sought out artisans with centuries-old expertise inherited from the Vaqueros of Mexico. I am honored to collaborate with them to create models that are both authentic and modern.

Today, as we rush between a thousand lives, it is you who perpetuates their art and this eternal feminine spirit, whether in Paris, Palm Springs, Greenwich Village, or in the Sicilian village of my grandparents.